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The Downtown Dispensary in Tucson


Our Products & Standards

The Downtown Dispensary offers several strains and concentrates to Arizona’s qualified patients. All of our products are lab tested, using GC testing for flower and HPLC testing for concentrates. We also curate different edibles produced by state licensed facilities for safety and potency.

Downtown Flower

The Downtown Dispensary offers a variety of strains that are grown using high quality nutrients in an indoor environmentally controlled pesticide-free environment. We ensure that each batch is tested for potency and contaminants using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry testing and post lab results here.

iLava & MedLava

iLava & MedLava concentrates and vape oils are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials and are processed using best practices in extraction and purification methodology. Both iLava & MedLava are manufactured exclusively by The Downtown Dispensary. Each batch is independently tested for potency and contaminants.

Curated Products

The Downtown Dispensary only carries edibles, topicals, inhalers, and concentrates from reliable brands that we believe to be safe and valuable for patients. We are stringent about ensuring that our state-licensed vendors are informing our staff and patients about shelf life stability.

State of the Art Cultivation Facility

About Us

The Downtown Dispensary is an Arizona state licensed dispensary in Tucson located near the intersection of 6th Avenue and 6th Street. We have been licensed to operate by the Arizona Department of Health Services and have been serving patients since August of 2013. The Downtown Dispensary brings Tucson the ultimate medical marijuana retail experience and the highest quality customer service through our four station deli style dispensing system.

The Downtown Dispensary is open every day to serve qualified patients and provides an environment conducive to learning about the products, where patients are informed on the different strains of medical marijuana in relation to their ailments. Patients interested in learning more about this alternative medicine have the option to receive educational materials containing information such as product types, forms of administration and side effects.

A Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The Downtown Dispensary is an integral part of the Tucson community, providing safe and affordable access to exceptionally high-quality medicine. The dispensary has digital menus to showcase strain-specific information and simplify the selection process for patients.

Every year, the Downtown Dispensary commits some of its proceeds to patient programs as well as other non-profit and charitable organizations that educate patients about their rights. The dispensary’s board has worked on improving patient access and is working to reduce patient registration fees to help qualifying patients. The directors of the dispensary have distinct backgrounds on regulatory compliance, finance, and health information systems.