Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient

Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101 is a new series that has been produced by Leafly and will help patients understand the various complexities of cannabis and choosing the best strains, edibles, or concentrates to meet your needs.This playlist consists of 14 separate videos that will autoplay in order. Just hit the play button and watch.

Different Strains

Learn about the differences between strains based on Indica, Sativa & Hybrid dominance.

How Topicals Work

Learn about cannabis topicals as a route of administration and how applying topicals works with your body.

Basic Q + A Part 1

Learn about the effects of cannabis and edibles, difference between medical and recreational cannabis, and obtaining & storage methods.

Intro to Concentrates

Learn about different types of concentrates and how they are consumed.

Visual Quality Guide

Learn visual indicators to help you determine the quality of the cannabis you select.

Intro to Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis that have a variety of effects that are acidic and non-acidic.

Basic Q + A Part 2

Learn about ways to consume cannabis, what a strain is, medical marijuana qualifiers, where to consume and about legal possession.

Delivery Methods

From hand pipes to tinctures, here you will find information on the many different ways to consume cannabis.

Cannabis Quantities

Learn about the common quantities cannabis is sold and the role of density.

Intro to Terpenes

Understand what terpenes are and how they interact with cannabinoids to create the “entourage effect”.

Ingesting vs Inhaling

Ingest or inhale? In this video, find out the difference and how ingesting cannabis or inhaling cannabis affects you.

Landrace Strains

Naturally cultivated over thousands of years, these strains of cannabis adapted to the environment of their geographical location.

Patient Educational Materials

The Arizona Department of Health Services reviews and regulates the educational materials provided to qualifying patients by each dispensary. Our patient care consultants shall offer you a copy of Medical Marijuana Basics at every visit.
Information about different types of medical marijuana, dosing methods, and a patient logbook will help you track the effectiveness of our products for your qualifying condition.

Michael Backes’s Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana is an inside look at ailments, medical marijuana best practices around the country, and the most popular strains of cannabis available. He also offers insights into the future of the human-cannabis relationship.

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